Another Ice Cool site delivered!

Well sometimes being a web designer in Lancaster is a tough gig, especially when you scoop up a new client that sells ice cream!

That’s right folks we were chuffed as chips to have been awarded the contract to design and build out the new website.

It took more meetings than normal at the client’s premises, just to make sure we were on the right track and hitting the spot with our design, and nothing at all to do with the 40 flavours of ice cream they happen to have on site! (honest)

The brief was to create a content rich website that had a high visual impact, easy to navigate and drove people to make an enquiry as quickly as possible. Well that’s exactly what we delivered and Peter and his family were absolutely delighted with the finished product.

It’s now 4 weeks since launch and yes you got it, another couple of “after care” meetings to show the team at Wallings how to use the site and set up all their e-mails. Again, nothing to do with Ice Cream!

We used a WordPress theme for this job and our in house copywriter Lara wrote the content. The guys at Wallings have had a dramatic increase in wholesale ice cream enquiries and are already benefiting from the investment made on launching this fresh new site.

If you need to revamp your existing site and would like something that has high impact and drives more enquiries then call Mark on 0845 225 0712, or e-mail and let’s have a chat about getting you where you need to be.

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It’s a wrap folks!

We are really proud to have just completed the website for local legendary business GoBurrito.

The guys at GoBurrito came to us looking to partner up with a local company to undertake the design and redevelopment of a new website to promote their business.

They had just undergone a major rebranding exercise and now needed to reflect that on the website.

We went through all the options, explained how Urban Attic manage projects and what we could bring to the party in ideas, suggestions and skills in making it all happen for them.

We were awarded the contract at that 1st meeting and were delighted that the guys chose us to manage this project.

Using the style and theme of the rebranding we set to work and crafted some design mocks that hit the spot with little need to rework. Using that formula we created the GoBurrito site and it was live for just before Valentines Day, on time and on budget!

They guys were delighted with the end results and on how we managed the project for them with no fuss, no messing and straight talking advice.

The finished item is a fully custom designed one off with every design and function element hand coded just for them.

There really was no downside with this project at all as in the name of good “product study” we had to, and have consumed a fair few burritos to ensure we were in tune with the clients business of course! The burritos from these guys are second to none, just like the website, fresh, tasty and honest. I recommend the large burrito, with half and half chicken and tex mex chilli – oh and the hot sauces are pretty awesome too!

All in all a great local design for us to work on and that we are pretty proud of that the customer is delighted with.

If you need a great website then visit us @ if you need a great burrito then visit today!

Adios gringos!

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Yes another WordPress website!

We’ve just completed yet another WordPress site for the fab but creepy people along at

They came to Urban Attic needing a fresh new site that reflected the fun element of their business which is taking bugs, snakes and other creepy crawlies to schools and kids parties around the Lancaster and Cumbria areas. It was a 1st for us but we had no fear and agreed to help them out.

On a very limited budget of £250 we managed to squeeze them into a fantastic WordPress theme, including a blog, some funky graphics and banners.

We chose WordPress for this project as it allows us to easily and quickly put together a high impact yet built on a shoestring end result for the client. They had already spoken to other web design companies in Lancaster, but didn’t have much luck, as they were told “the budget was just not enough” or were simply ignored due to budget. Not for us, if we can help a small Lancaster Business get online, then we will and money will never be the barrier to prevent this.

Ugly Bugs are now live and have seen a marked increase in enquiries, and receive a lot of great comments on how good the site is and how easy it is to use. Music to all our ears.

So if you are in a similar position to ugly bugs and need a new web site on a budget then get in touch today here or call us on 0845 225 0712 for a free consultation and see how we can work with you.

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Poor quality service from online stores Google may drop your rankings in 2013!

Last year we saw Google Panda & Penguin take some serious action against websites of all flavours. Dropping rankings quicker than you can say “Bing” and lower than you can limbo!

During the SXSW Conference on 8th March, Google’s Matt Cutts has promised 2013 to bring another game changer to the forefront of online merchants minds! With no released update name yet but no doubt another wolf in a cute animals clothing.
Last year I started to tell my clients to make sure their house was in order when it came to customer satisfaction and delivery.

You might have an all signing and dancing web-site that’s got great rankings and traffic so gets you Business. But Google want more. Ok they know you are there, they know your rankings are good, but do they know you’re a good company to deal with? Are they sure they want to place your site in front of their “users”, after all it’s their job to deliver “greatness”!

Whatever this update and subsequent related updates are called, they are going to have a huge impact on some merchants, with people already giving it the nickname “bankrupt update”.

What can you do to prepare for this no doubt ruthless update from Google?

Make sure your house is in good order

  • Ensure you are not over promising and under delivering.
  • Answer your customer’s comments and posts on all social media and related sites, not just Facebook & Twitter.
  • Answer your e-mails quickly and your telephones quicker.
  • If it’s in stock great, if not make sure it’s clear when it will be.
  • Get your delivery issues if any sorted out now.
  • Make sure you have a comprehensive link building strategy in place to prove to Google you are the people that others see your authority and trust by linking to you.
  • Get ready to be a lot more “customer friendly” as when consumers become savvy about this update (and they will) just think the good and bad impact power of Trip Advisor.

There’s much debate about fake reviews popping up and how will Google deal with these? What’s to stop Merchant A paying for purchases on Merchant B’s site, then leaving complaints? We simply don’t know yet how Google will handle this, but do you really want to wait and see how this update affects you and then take action?

Read more about Matt’s comments here.

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Bookmark Buttons Startpage



buttons (Photo credit: sharonstoned1)

The purpose of this extension is to make the newtab page more useful for those of us who use a lot of bookmarks and dislike the way Chrome™ serves them. It overrides the new tab page and displays a grid of your apps and bookmarks.

It replaces your New Tab page with one that has BIG BUTTONS. It shows your installed apps and the bookmarks as you have organized them. You can also navigate through folders if you have your bookmarks organized in that fashion.

It also gives you quick access to Chrome™’s own History, Downloads and Bookmark manager instead of having to navigate through the wrench menu each time.


Use the Bookmark Manager to organize your bookmarks in a way that you like them to appear on the startpage. If you need to, you can also do some editing of your bookmarks, but you will need the Bookmark Manager for more editing power.

Click on the Options link in order to customize the look and feel of the new tab page so it fits your needs. There is a set of predefined themes, but you can choose to manually adjust almost everything.

The top bar of the startpage shows you a list of the extensions that you installed plus any bookmarks that you put in your ‘Bookmarks Bar’ folder. So just place any bookmarks there that you want to appear in that bar.

The bottom container is a rudimentary bookmark browser that starts off in the ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder. You can even browse subfolders from within it. Arrange and organize your bookmarks any way you want them to appear.

If you use bookmark synching between i.e. your notebook and your home computer, the new page tab will look exactly the same on both devices (except for the installed apps).

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