We Specialise in SEO for E-Commerce

Here at Urban Attic, we specialise in e-commerce SEO and development. When we create a website for you, our CMS system makes it easy to ensure your meta data, content and product listings are unique. When you’re adding new products every week, it can be difficult if not impossible to ensure that product listings and other content are unique and relevant.

However there are scalable ways to make sure your e-commerce website is optimised and high quality. Our ethical on page optimisation techniques ensure a White Hat web presence, promoted through social media, blogging, link-building and other organic SEO strategies. We can advise you on SEO best practices – or just do it ourselves, depending on which SEO package you choose.

If we take on an existing website’s SEO, your account manager will conduct a thorough audit of your content and site structure. We will then discuss proposed changes with you, and implement them when you are happy.

First we look at what needs to go – see our post about the ten common content mistakes for examples of what we look for. Then we begin the optimisation process, starting with meta-data. Meta data includes URLs, titles, descriptions and a variety of other factors which form a contextual framework for your content. They help to indicate to Google (and other SERPS) what your page is about, how it relates to other pages, and the importance of each page. This can influence which pages are indexed and how quickly your site ranks.

Next we look at product listings and other web pages, editing for both Search engines and user experience. We consider keywords that you wish to rank for; as well as ones calculated to improve visitor traffic, revenue and ranking. During this process we look at keyword placement, appropriate usage, and links with other keywords.