It’s summer and we decided to take some time out to look at our brand, website and social media. We’ve been really busy working with clients for a long time and we realised that we hadn’t reviewed our website content for way too long, and that our brand and colours weren’t really showing us in our best light.

It’s so easy, when you’re busy with doing your actual job, not to take a look at your shop window – and we say that as people who build websites all day long!

So, if you get a quiet moment at some point over the summer we would recommend the following, as we’ve really benefitted from doing it ourselves:

1. Take a look at your website. Even better, get a friend who doesn’t know your business (but does know something about marketing) to take a look at it. Does it do what it should? Is it easy to find on Google? Is the information correct and up to date? Does it make your business look brilliant? If not, then it may be time to update your content, or even think about a redesign.

2. Take a look at your social media. Do you use it? If so, great – is it accurate? Does it reflect who you are and what you do? If you haven’t updated it for ages then consider posting something new, and if you can’t bear the thought of tweeting or posting all the time then consider outsourcing it or getting a staff member to do it every week. You can use Hootsuite to make it easier too.

3. How’s your logo? Do you need to review your brand? Is it modern, classic, timeless and beautiful? Or is it a bit ‘1996 powerpoint’? If you think that your branding needs an update then consider a rebrand – or even a brand refresh to bring things up to date. Applying a new colour palette or adopting a new shape or cleaning up a design can be quick, easy and transformative.

4. Does your website actually describe what you do? Have you got content on your website that’s out of date, or are you missing things that you are busy selling? Reviewing our own website made us realise that there are loads of things that we offer as an agency that weren’t even on the website! You may be missing a whole load of custom if people don’t know what you offer because you’ve forgotten to update your site. Make a date in your diary to review your content every quarter.

Urban Attic can help to review your brand so if you are super busy with the day-to-day but you want us to review your brand and communications then just give us a ring – we can give you a free consultation and recommendations to get you off to the right start. We can work with you to provide everything from a brand audit to a brand new website so if you want to pop in for a brew to talk it through, give us a ring.