WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress is a fantastic solution for most small to medium size businesses and offers a raft of features that make you more profitable and light on admin.

Like anything though, in order to perform at its best it needs good management. WordPress websites are built using many plug in elements that are all configured and work with the main theme of the website.

All these plug-in elements and the theme are constantly improved by the theme or plug-in developers to ensure they will always work with the latest technology that’s constantly rolled out in today’s digital world.

This is where our managed WordPress Hosting package is the perfect solution for most of our customers. We monitor and manage all these updates for you, leaving you with the peace of mind that at all times, your website is as up to date as it possibly can and should be.

In days gone by (which in technology terms) is not all that long ago, we used to have to re-code website elements which was a much longer and much more expensive solution to the problem of keeping up with technical demands. Now that we can use platforms like WordPress, it’s much simpler and less expensive too.

Google demands the best possible experience for its users. Therefore, it demands that all websites are using the latest versions and latest code in order to be considered the 1st choice to present to a Google user who might be searching for your products, services or information.

Don’t be left behind, chat to us today and find out how our Managed WordPress Hosting service can benefit you and your business.