Managing Director

Mark Forrest

I head up the Urban Attic Team and come from a strong background in Business Development and Management roles within Blue Chip Companies, such as: Virgin – Cap Gemini and Sky, as well as smaller niche Agencies serving global clients.

Marketing & Design have always been my passion and in newspaper, television and now digital media I have been privileged to work with some of the best people in the industry, on some really exciting projects.

I strongly believe that as a result of growth in online users, from various and expanding access sources, that digital led sales and procurement of services will continue to develop and grow. This style of shopping or access is already “the norm” in our lives  and will only continue to develop, so make sure your business develops too. Combine those reasons with my passion for business and people, then that’s why I set out to build a unique business that could continue to adopt early technology yet retain a good and sense of customer value, service and respect.