Good Website Content Works

Find out how good website content can work for your business.

As well as informing potential customers about your products or services, good website content  is used to tell the search engines what you do, what you have and who you are.

Google has cornered the majority of the world’s search traffic, through constant development, and recognising that user experience drives sales. Several high impact algorithm updates have altered how the search engines view content. Search bots have become more sophisticated at sniffing out spam, and even just poor quality content – so stay away from article scrapers, content spinners and duplication software. The bots will gauge which page has been online longer and will not index your duplicate content, when a more authoritative source exists.

Good quality content is not a mystery – just follow basic spelling and grammar rules, personalise it, write with a human voice and aim to connect with the customer. Be trustworthy – engage in decent, quality writing, and make the effort to be unique. Stay honest, talk about your products in detail, explain their features and what makes them (and you!) special. Cutting corners at this stage will generate a host of problems later.

We can then go forward to market and optimise the content on your website for you, if you choose one of our SEO packages. Alternatively, if you feel at a total loss to write your product descriptions we can discuss working with you to create your content.