For Electreks, we wanted the client to be able to do everything online to the last detail. We put together a booking system that allows you to book the exact time to take out the bike in question, along with a deposit system and the option to book accessories along with the bike. It’s simple and straightforward, and all it takes is a quick visit to the site before you’re out on your bike enjoying the outside world. It’s easy to navigate, and visually rich, so it’s easy to find the bike that’s perfect for you using the site we created.

For Electreks, we also created a range of printwork, following the branding and the logo we created. Our flyers complimented the website perfectly, along with the sleek business cards to guide customers to the site. The green and white graphics put across both a modern and eco-friendly vibe that will have you longing to explore the great outdoors.

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What We Did

Website Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Signage, Interior Design, Print, Marketing, Product Design, Photography

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