This was a fantastic project that allowed us to really go all out with the graphic design elements and the brief was “make maths sexy”!  Ok, we love a challenge like that so we got to work and create the website using WordPress with many hours of creative thinking and conversion to the graphic design you see on the site now.

Customer Comments

“Urban Attic have been a pleasure to work with. My goal was to develop a website that would make educating people about optimisation exciting and interesting. I didn’t know how to effectively achieve that goal. However, the team at Urban Attic were very interested and excited in this project and were confident about making a product that will have impact. It is through their imagination and skill that it was possible to produce an engaging website about optimisation in the real world. I appreciate your help in producing this website.”

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Optimisation In The Real World

What We Did

Website Design, Graphic Design

What We Used

WordPress, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Responsive