Well, Christmas is on it’s way, the UA Media annual christmas decorations have come out of the cupboard and we are getting ready for a festive break. (By eating loads of chocolate coins and mince pies!). However, something interesting has just happened at Google HQ that we wanted to pass onto you.

Google have just changed their policy about how they index websites and are now indexing mobile sites first, before desktop ones. If your site isn’t responsive or you don’t have a mobile version, this is going to really affect your SEO and you may struggle to get found as easily as you did before on Google.

What is mobile-first indexing and why does it matter?

Well, Google has been focused on mobile for a while. It has stated that its preferred method of mobile friendly is responsive design (which is what we do here at UA Media).

As a result, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) will now be based primarily on mobile content.

That means that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then you are really going to suffer at the hands of Google and we would strongly recommend that you consider getting a new website.

You can see how many of your customers are using your website on mobile, tablet and desktop by taking a look at your Google Analytics or by using this handy tool.  If you need any help with this or want to discuss how your website is performing on mobile, please just let us know.

So, Happy Christmas to all of our valued clients, we love working with you all and thanks for your business. We’ve had a great year and we are looking forward to 2017!

If a new mobile friendly website is on your list of things to do in 2017 then please give us a ring or drop us a line.