Are you waiting ages to get simple changes done to your website?

There are loads of things that web agencies do well. Mainly, building new websites.

But what happens once the site is finished and you want ongoing help and web support?

That’s where UA Media is genuinely different.

For us, building a new website is just the start of a beautiful relationship, and our job is then to work with you to make sure that you make the best of your new website, and that we help you to maintain it. Not only that, but we can help by setting up your hosting and emails, and can manage this and your domain name for you as well so everything is kept in one place.

That’s why we build using WordPress themes. When a theme is updated, we can apply it to your site, meaning that you won’t have a site that immediately dates once it’s built – we can maintain it and update it over time, so that you don’t lose your initial investment.

A bit like a car, your website needs regular maintenance and servicing to keep it healthy and we can do this both with checking the website itself, but also your Search Engine Optimisation and your google analytics. It’s important when you start out to be realistic about how much website maintenance will cost, and we set out these costs clearly at the start when we work with a new client.

When we build you a new website we will take the time to train you on the CMS (Content Management System) so that you can update the website yourself without the constant need for support from us. However, if you haven’t got the time or the inclination to do this, our support hours are reasonably priced and will enable you to just give us a ring and we can do it for you.

We build web support time into our daily schedules so you can ring us at any time and we will usually turn your request around within twenty four hours. This means that we can provide proper marketing support to you without breaking the bank and without you getting enraged about waiting weeks for simple changes to be made to your site.

Our hosting packages come with various options and we can also carry out a monthly maintenance check on the back of your website and check your emails too, meaning that everything is kept in perfect shape so you can worry about your business rather than your website or your emails.

If you’d like a quick quote for a website with options for ongoing hosting and web support then you can go to this page and fill out our quick quote form.