Does your small business have the right professional look?

Setting up a small business is hard, hard work. We know that because we mostly work with owner managed businesses and we see the passion and commitment that’s required to make a small business work every day.

Setting up a business and making it work is like running a marathon and we often see clients who have got the first few miles under their belt but who need a bit of help to keep going!

That’s because many businesses can’t afford to spend precious resources on professional branding when they start out but after a while, they start to realise that this may be holding them back.

Your website, signage, shopfront, business cards and logo are all part of your ‘shop window’ and they immediately convey an impression.

The important question is whether or not your business is conveying the right impression. So, we would recommend that however old your business is, that you carry out a mini brand audit on yourself. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does my business have a professional, simple logo that doesn’t look dated?
  • Do I have clear corporate colours that help to identify my brand?
  • Do I use the same logo and colours across all of the things that I do, like flyers, website, Social Media and business cards with a decent level of consistency?
  • Are any of the logos or assets, photos or images that I use pixelated or blurry?
  • Do I have a consistent use of fonts for all of my marketing?
  • Is my website easy to use on a phone and does it load quickly?
  • Do I have a distinctive ‘tone of voice’ and do I consistently use the same phrases when I’m writing about my business?
  • Does my brand and website actually show what I do accurately or has it become out of date?
  • If you’re running an e-commerce business is it easy to use, secure and responsive?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then you need to think about whether or not you need a marketing and design agency to give you a hand with making sure that your brand is on track and that your marketing looks professional.

Not only that but if your website doesn’t work properly then you need to seriously consider investing in a new one – it’s how most people will find you these days and first impressions count.

Here at UA Media we can help you to create a brand simply and efficiently, and we can ensure that you get consistency across all of your marketing materials. We can build you a website, handle your printing and production (for things like business cards, signage and uniforms) and we can help and advise you on how to make your business look professional and well, businesslike! We can also take a look at your marketing strategy and give you help and advice about how to make the most of your marketing budget.

Give us a ring or drop us a line and we’d love the opportunity to quote for working with you and your brand, to help make your marketing marvellous.