When it comes to search engine optimisation, many people think it requires a crystal ball, tarot cards or tea-leaf reading skills to predict how Google interprets the content on their websites. However, if you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll hopefully now be seeing that the world of SEO isn’t quite as complex as you might have thought in the beginning. While keeping up with the latest search engine algorithms and what they can mean for your site is no mean feat – after all, Google is renowned for releasing new and updated algorithms at a frightening pace – some experts are already thinking about how SEO as we know it will change in 2015.

Urban Attic is a team of professional web designers based in Lancaster, and when it comes to search engine optimisation, we really know our stuff. That’s why hundreds of clients from all across the U.K. seek our help time-and-again to ensure their websites not only look the business, but also achieve and maintain the best search engine rankings possible. This requires us to keep on top of changing SEO techniques at all times; so, in today’s blog post, our team of Lancaster web designers predict what changes we might expect to see in 2015…

1. VOICE SEARCH – Once upon a time, mobile phones were all the rage. Now, however, the latest gadget to be seen with is the smart-watch. Some of the biggest manufacturers around the world, including LG, Sony, Samsung and Motorola, are producing smart-watches – the ultimate in portable convenience – which look like a humble wrist watch but also enable you to check notifications, emails and calls on your smart-phone while it’s safely in your pocket. If this new technology maintains its current popularity levels, we’re bound to see voice-based search and semantic search (which aims to determine the contextual meaning and intent of a user’s search words) affecting SEO.

2. CONTENT MARKETING – While SEO will still be extremely important, Urban Attic web designers expect content to become a primary influence on website search visibility. So, if your company is guilty of ticking all the boxes regarding key words, indexes and meta-tags but ignoring the quality of your site’s content, you may well find your page rankings drop. Sadly, not everyone has the skill to produce high-quality content that appeals to both search engines and readers; so, if you’d like some professional assistance with your website’s copy, get in contact with the top web designers in Lancaster today.

3. SOCIAL SIGNALS – Following Google’s closure of its Authorship program, many professional web designers believe that other social signals such as Twitter and Facebook will become more critical to search engine rankings. So, if your company or product doesn’t have or isn’t making the most of its social media pages, now’s the ideal time to get a head-start. Encourage visitors to your site to follow your social media accounts through use of clickable buttons or news feeds, share information (such as new products) and welcome discussions that will guide your readers between your main website and social media accounts.

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