What is SSL and why do you need it?

What is SSL and why do you need it?

What is an SSL Certificate and why do you need one_

As we hope that you can see from our useful infographic, having an SSL certificate is a must for your website. Google will penalise you in search rankings if you don’t have one and you need to make sure that from next year you comply with the new data laws coming out of Europe.

Having an SSL certificate is just the start of making sure that you are handling data that is taken from your website responsibly. From May 2018 all customers have the right to be forgotten and that means that you can’t hang onto data about them without good reason.

Make sure that any mailing lists that you keep are held securely and that you can always justify why you have someone’s data and that you know whose data you have and where it is.

Having an SSL certificate will show users that your safe is secure for processing any kind of data online and it will ensure that your site is recognised by Google as trustworthy. From this month we will be adding them as standard to all web builds that we carry out.

If you have a WordPress website and need an SSL certificate and aren’t sure what it’s all about then drop us a line and we can help get one set up for you.


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