The guys at Nami Sushi came to see us after finding us on Google and just like the ingredients they use, they also wanted to keep the web site build local.

They already had branding taken care of and came with a full portfolio of fonts to use, logo direction and guidelines. We knew straight away that the standards of Nami Sushi were high so we wanted to ensure we exceeded all expectations.

Like all fact-finding meetings here at Urban Attic, we drilled down into the fine detail of the business, as the more we understand about the business and the people behind it, the better.

We were also supplied with a set of fantastic images from the Nami Sushi menu that are amazing quality and just a joy to work with. All new web sites you see now have a similar theme that takes full advantage of the display of tablet devices, mobile devices and of course traditional desktop computers.

Responsive web design has driven this forward at a breath taking pace and now great images make or break a site in our opinion. You just need to take a look at the Nami Sushi website to appreciate that statement!

Using our unique approach and experience to fact find, we had a clear vision of what to produce that would blend in and compliment the existing branding. This really is a time and money saving exercise that in most cases we get the feedback that no other company a client has spoken to have asked the questions or approached the business dynamics as in-depth we do.

Taking all the above, we went away into our burrow and produced a live mock that was presented to the client with a small degree of trepidation, which I think is the way it should be, shall we call it “confident trepidation”?

We waited…………we waited some more…………then…………

They loved it! We loved it too and were absolutely delighted that we had hit the brief on the head with style. I have to admit though that the images supplied really helped, as did a base brand to work from, meaning there was no need for any revisions only content tweaks.

Since completion and the live date the feedback from the guys at Nami Sushi has been great. Their customers are commenting on how nice the site is, how it’s easy to use and well laid out. That’s what we love to hear and what we would love to give to your business too. Get in touch today and have a chat over a tea or coffee, we don’t charge for chatting and love to meet forward thinking people anytime.

If you are in Lancaster then hop on over to Nami Sushi. We’ve been a few times, in the name of research of course! It’s excellent, delicious food, great staff and set in a completely non rushed environment. You won’t regret it!