Local new Gym & Fitness Studio Train Together, 1st approached us back in December 2014 to talk about improving their web presence.

The brief was quite simple; To increase gym membership and course sign up rates via the website and to give help and support with their online marketing strategy.

As a new business and also new to online marketing it soon became clear that they were doing all the bits and pieces that people do at this stage. Learning from reading articles online they were certainly going in the right direction. They just needed a more focused plan of attack and goals to be set along the way.

Mark Forrest took the marketing element on board and Heather Bruce was assigned as the lead designer on the project.

We listened to the clients journey as to how they got to where they were at that point and asked a lot of questions about where they wanted to be and why.

After the fact finding meeting, we came back to the office and took a deeper look at the website. As the brief was to make gains using the website we really got the drains up on it and identified areas where improvements could be make straight away in order to get quick wins. These included:

  • Better design to reduce bounce rate on all pages
  • More text relevant to each page to better engage visitors
  • Simplify the navigation to give a better user experience
  • Increase call to actions for sign ups and enquiries
  • An online store to instantly capture sign up payments and bookings
  • Easier to use contact forms were implemented to give visitors a better experience
  • Recommendations were made to add videos to more pages to engage visitors for longer
  • More pages were created with good copy to better inform visitors and help with SEO.
  • That proper page titles and meta descriptions were written and applied
  • A new responsive WordPress theme was advised to assist with mobile usability and rankings
  • Giving all images ALT tags and to improve current images
  • Optimising all content to improve the internal linking structure
  • Adding a real meet the team page with information on staff
  • To add a useful and informative blog to the website
  • Better hosting platform suggested to improve loading speed and stability

These points were presented to the client and fully explained using examples to demonstrate the benefits.

The guys approved the budget and we got started right away with these changes. Within 6 weeks the new website was built to the specification above and new content was written for current and new pages.

The website was then submitted to Google and other search engines so that the changes and additions could be indexed as soon as possible.

By completing that work and at the same time working with the client on their marketing strategy both online and offline, they were now in a much stronger place and ready to forge forward into 2015.

Now in June 2015, the guys are enjoying number one positions on Google for real keywords and phrases that gain genuine converting traffic. Membership sign ups via the web have greatly increased as have enquiries and sign ups to the many courses they offer.

They were running a Pay Per Click campaign in order to increase sign ups at a monthly cost of £500 which has now been reduced to £50, yet another gain in the overall marketing campaign.

The testimonial below speaks volumes and is typical of what our customers say about us and the relationship we form with each one, no matter how big or small.

“Mark and Heather at Urban Attic are brilliant. We started working with them 7 months ago and in such a short period of time they have transformed our marketing and web presence. We now appear in a number 1 position on Google, have loads more clients and now the proud owners of a fantastic marketing strategy (that really works!) – We couldn’t have done any of it without their expert knowledge. Despite being brilliant at all the technical stuff, Urban Attic go above and beyond to provide a really friendly, helpful and special service. They are always available to chat with (no matter what time in the day!) and will always deal with requests quickly, efficiently and flawlessly. I would recommend their services to anybody. They are real people, who genuinely care and who actually take the time out to get to know you as a business. Outstanding service, really great people, and by far the best web designers / developers I have ever come across.”

If you think Urban Attic can improve your business then get in touch today by calling 01524 874549 or filling out the enquiry form found here and let’s work together.