Everyone has that ‘back to school’ feeling at this time of year. Summer’s over and the kids are back at school, and suddenly Christmas is rushing towards us a breakneck speed. If you run an e-commerce business and you are using WordPress e-commerce software then this is the moment to check that everything is set up and working properly.

E-commerce businesses are now facing more and more competition. Almost half of Christmas shopping in the UK was done online last year with nearly half of that being done on mobile. If your website isn’t great on a phone, takes a while to load or just doesn’t look beautiful, then you need to take action to get ahead of the competition!

Local Lancaster Agency can help with WordPress E-Commerce

UA Media specialises in e-commerce and we can design and build e-commerce websites that not only look lovely but also that work securely and reduce your admin time. We can help you by streamlining processes that you may have been doing manually. We can instal software to help with printing packing slips, inventory management and shipping rates so that you can relax and let your website do the hard work over the busy Christmas season.

If you need help with getting your products out there we can also help with ongoing Search Engine Optimization. This is the time to do it before the Christmas shopping starts in earnest. Small businesses that spend a lot on Google Ad Words benefit from thinking about organic SEO. Talk to us about our ongoing SEO services because good organic SEO will save you money in the long term.

With WordPress e-commerce as part of your sales arsenal, you’ll be all set up and ready for a really successful Christmas season so if you need a quote or some advice and guidance about what you need to get your business online then give us a ring. We often work with people who want to take their businesses online and aren’t sure where to start and we can guide you every step of the way.