Here at Urban Attic, the go-to web designers in Lancaster, we specialise in designing, developing, and marketing websites; however, another important service that our company provides is content writing. Any SEO specialist worth his or her salt will tell you that it’s no good having a brilliantly-laid out and visually appealing website if the copy within it is dull, poorly-written, overstuffed with keywords, or duplicated from another source.

content-spinning-softwareThat said, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who think paying for excellent copywriting services is either a) a waste of money or b) a luxury they simply can’t afford. Some businesses believe that they can create their own content, with the task being passed to everyone from the Public Relations team to team leaders and the company secretary to the CEO. Now, if you’re lucky enough to employ your own copywriting staff, that’s all well and good; but if you don’t, you seriously need to consider utilising the services of a professional business like Urban Attic, who understands how to get the best out of SEO and create truly engaging content that will make search engines sit up and take notice.

Bar getting one of your employees with absolutely zero content writing experience to write your website’s copy, the worst thing you can do is purchase content spinning software. Many businesses fall foul of content spinning software for several reasons.

For starters, some believe that it’s more cost-effective when they compare the one-off purchase costs of the software versus paying a copywriter each time they want a page, blog post, or article produced. Now, we’re not saying you won’t end up paying more for content writing services, but content spinning software is far from ‘cost-effective’ as the damage it can do to your website (or even your company’s reputation) can be considerable. Other businesses who’ve been researching rival companies’ websites in search of inspiration for their own find a homepage, article, or particular piece of content that they’d sell their soul for. This can lead to scenarios such as simply lifting the piece of content off the other website and publishing it as their own, re-writing it manually, or running it through content spinning software – all of which are forms of plagiarism.

So, why do Lancaster web designers, Urban Attic, recommend you use our content writing services over content spinning software?

Firstly, excellent copywriting is a talent; some might even call it an art. A piece of software cannot fully-understand the content that it’s asked to re-write, and therefore, the end result is likely to be hard to understand, riddled with errors, anything but unique, and certainly not fun to read. Secondly, search engines such as Google are primed to sniff out spun content and, if they find it, they are likely to impose SEO penalties or even a blacklist on your website. Thirdly, content spinning software is anti-SEO, and don’t believe it if the marketing blurb tells you otherwise. Google loves nothing better than unique content, and readers respond equally-well to informative, engaging, and well-crafted articles.

So, if you really want your website to achieve its full SERP rankings potential, the best thing (if not the only thing) you can do is talk to the top web designers in Lancaster, Urban Attic. All of the web content our highly-experienced copywriters create is 100% unique, optimised with the latest, most effective SEO strategies, and crafted to capture the attention of both search engines and your readers.